Adidas Sam Remo, Perfect Drilling

With so many sneaker that he wants to stand out above the others, in this unstoppable trend of footwear this summer, the Adidas Sam Remo It is the relaxed option when you’re overwhelmed with so many combination of stunning color and impossible ways.

Not everyone wants to highlight its modern footwear: step those who prefer a sober model and more conventional: war to the flip-flop to go comfortable.

What most caught my attention is the micro-perforamiento skin that is made which will allow a thousand times welcome aeration on the inside of the shoe: feet in summer heat is the worst.

Although the blue is a color very trend, I prefer white. Both perfect to go with jeans or white trousers, a very summery set.

If they liked you, have it very easy to purchase them in the store of the official website of Adidas by some 43 euros to the change. And by the way, a 38 for me.