Brite Old Skool, Vitalism Neon in The Vans Classic

The Brite Old Skool they are the classic skate shoes from Vans and the first model in the iconic sidestripe look. They are cutting sneakers low lace-up canvas with large heavy duty suede overlays made.

The new collection of the Vans classic forms a whole vitalista that seduces by the intensity of the neon effect of a bright and bold colors. A bold and fun way to put some color to your daily look.

The collection is already proposed for the back to school autumn and does so with the determined purpose of incorporating the spirit cheerful and colourful the summer beyond the unimportant formality of the calendar.

Available in the three colour combinations that illustrate our post. Already sold for €80,00 on the website of the firm ( and soon in stores at street.