Cloned and Caught: More Cool Shoes of Saint Laurent in Low-Cost Version!

Lives not only high heels fashion and that street style has been showing the past few years, shoes are the new Queens and sporty motion has not just begin. For this reason firms such as Saint Laurent launched to design sneakers so top as the SL06 Court Classic Star print. A must among fashionistas that we can now also purchase at a most affordable price.

Neither short nor lazy, low cost Stradivarius chain has taken the glove to the listed Saint Laurent shoes.

Same design of sneakers and same pattern of stars on the sides, but a big difference: the price. Design SL 06 Court Saint Laurent’s Classic 565 euros, while the of Stradivarius not reach the 30 euros.

This is one of those cases in which the clone It has little to envy to the original design and if in addition to this we add the price difference there is no color!