Converse Is to The Celebration of The Day Gay 2016 with a Special Edition of Sneakers

You’re gay or not, new edition of sneakers Converse sure that you love. Because adding a rainbow of colors at our feet does that we begin the day with best foot, with more joy and because lead the LGBT flag is a sign of tolerance, open minded and holiday. Converse already has spent several years launching special shoes to commemorate the Gay Pride day, but in the edition of 2016 the design is even better.

We have the white boots with multi-colored checkerboard, black boots with sparkles of colors and low shoes white with glitter. All of them decorate their soles with the Rainbow flag.

Although the models that are most sold of Converse they are the classics, in neutral like black, grey and white colors, with these new models add originality and color to your looks. Its price is 54 euros, what do you think?