Deconstructing to Reconstruct: Filling Pieces X Puma Blaze of Glory

PUMA has partnered with Filling Pieces, a fantastic brand independent footwear based in Amsterdam, to launch one of the most recommended and distinguished the present year 2016 collaborations.

In particular, Filling Pieces, has worked this time with PUMA to reinvent model Blaze of Glory. Among the streetwear and luxury. Filling Pieces has reconstructed an elegant version of the iconic shoes.

The new silhouette highlights the top in leather fine of high quality, woven with a nubuck overlay and with a large rubber band that covers all of the instep. And it is that all the upper is a combination of different textures and effects.

The silhouette is completed with the feature emphasized long tab of the Filling Pieces sneakers, and the delicate detail of the tips of shoelaces (studs) of color rosegold.

The shoe is offered in a unique combination of colors, matte black with white sole and padded technology Trinomic to offer an extra unmatched cushioning, flexibility and stability. You’ll find it – and buy – in the best shops (24 carat) and the Filling Pieces website.