Diesel & Adidas Originals Sneakers, Do You Dare with The Tack in Your Shoe?

The collaborations between the two great empires of fashion, usually not often go very acceptable, becoming a mere commercial action where the final product just leaving enough to be desired.

This time I have the feeling that we are one of the exceptions that confirm the rule is that both the Italian brand Diesel as the German Adidas return to collaborate in a same collection. First was the signature sport which lent its brand to the Diesel jeans collection three years ago, and now the Italian brand gives favor to collaborating in this Adidas line of sneakers We show below.

As you can see is preserved the spirit and line Adidas Originals, not in vain Diesel has chosen five iconic models adidas to carry out this “customization”, from the Stan Smith (mythical Adidas tennis) to model ZX700 (running).

But without a doubt the great appeal of this collaboration lies in the rocker touch of the tacks, that we find practically in any design of this collaboration (except in them of running). From the most classic models, to boots, all have metal touch that undoubtedly will delight more than one.

That Yes, not everything was going to be good news, is the collection of Limited Edition and you know that an increase of the price, in many cases unjustified by the fact it was simply a collaboration, but we must also recognize that the line will delight more than one lover of fashion casual and urban.