Football and Other Sports: Dirk Bikkembergs Dress Us for The Feet

The great designer Dirk Bikkembergs a unique personality, combining like no is glamour and sport style before the sporty-chic. And it is that Belgian designer (Flemish, rather), although his mother is German and the boy was born in Hamburg, was one of the first modern that acted on the basis of the potential of the football.

Its passion for football It led him to buy a “fifth” Italian division team to be able to equip it. Before already had opened him the doors of the stadium San Siro in Milan for a fashion show. Since then has equipped (and dress) to a multitude of clubs and players of postmodernism.

Clothing and footwear to compete and to dress up, or rather: footwear and clothing. And is that the footwear was always a priority for Dirk Bikkembergs. To dress a man chic, not necessarily casual and sporty feet.

We get a good number of their sneakers, inspired by the world of football, in black leather and rubber with rubber lugged outsole. Notable for his zipper replacing shoelaces. Gold tone of the logo (and own zipper) comes to break the intense black and give a special and unusual character set.

Available in subtle aesthetic variations in the details (stitching) and color (lacquered effect, Matt finish…) to the taste of the ballhandler. From €308,00. The Red of the image below are those that are asking to San Nicolas.

Although very influenced by football, Dirk Bikkembergs has not ceased to draw inspiration from other sports. Many are the result of its allusions to other sports. But I’m going to meet with some magnificent sneakers of skin whose main characteristic is the total monochrome.

Each element is, in fact, an intense blue cornflower, electrical and natural, which makes them sophisticated and surprising at the same time. Sold for €325,00.

They say that the new Bikkembergs wardrobe is appealing, really, to the cheerful glow of futurism… and that his inspiration are the athletes of the space.