Jeremy Scott Mix Color Block, Wings and Animal Print on Your Latest Sneakers for Adidas Originals

Triple somersault with corkscrew. As well they should have been called the last Jeremy Scott JS Wings shoes It has been designed for Adidas Originals. And it is that man does not know what to do to innovate. On this occasion he has counted with the collaboration of the Korean musical group 2NE1, they are apparently all a feeling in your country.

I am unaware of the claims of Scott are to trigger epileptic seizures to those who dare to walk with its creation, but has been dedicated to mix color block and animal print, without forgetting its already legendary wings. We will if they carry lights, they would be ideal for Crown Christmas tree instead of the mythical Orient star.

If you look good, you can verify that the shoe left and right are different each other, alternating the same colors in different parts.

Here we can see the footballer Scott posing next to the 2NE1 components and muses of these new shoes. Certainly seeing them to mix, means a little more because varied are a long time.

I doubt very much that I dared to get them. Although I love wings which includes Scott in his creations, in this case I think that it has left le hand quite a bit with the color palette. At the moment, with me not going to do business.