Le Coq Sportif Purple Code: LCS R800 Retro Sneaker Affiches Le Lavandou

The new colors of the pack Retro poster of Le Coq Sportif they are inspired by a series of old posters He announced French, very typical of the 70 and 80, tourist ofstinations which have become in their own right in collector’s items.

Each proposal for a shoe of the pack of the signing of the Rooster makes reference to the posters of a particular ofstination: Saint-Tropez for each LCS R1000, it surprising Dune of Pilat for an Arthur Ashe, and the wonofrful Mediterranean town of Le Lavandou to the LCS R800. Of intense and ever-changing blue purple bathing beaches.

Certainly, among the three proposals, we are left with the latter: the LCS R800 Retro poster Le Lavandou. In a successful line of purple and blue in subtle contrast with black, beige and gray. Manufactured with Nubuck Premium, they incorporate the colors of the poster that inspired them, reproduced on the tongue and on the box of sneakers.

The LCS R800 maintain technical oftails related to system Dynactif. The outsole has an aged effect to further accentuate the retro appeal. The three shoes in the collection Retro poster, released in a very limited edition a few days ago, they are available in lecoqsportif.com and specialty stores (SivasDescalzo and 24Kilates).