Marry Sport: The Sneakers Conquer The Only Ground That Seemed Forbidden

The sneakers fever continues. We have seen them in the fashion weeks, even combined with pencil skirts and suit to work. The dress codes are becoming more relaxed and the last frontier that have crossed the sports are the weddings. Marry a Nike, a talk or a Superga already is a nonsense. And these beautiful models confirm that.

Cara Delevingne already paraded for Chanel in its parade of Haute Couture spring 2014 dressed bride and a striking sports full of glitter. Comfort, sport and sophistication in a shiny look.

Other models of sporting bright and elegant You can find are the Keds filled with sequins, the Superga metallized or with a delicate white lace, or Converse custom with the date of the wedding and your names on Etsy or Not on the high street.

Motives for marrying sports are clear and easy to understand: your wedding day will pass about 12 or 15 hours standing, walking and dancing non-stop. You need something comfortable and which hold your pace. In addition, the dresses are so long that footwear is just usually see.

But still, brides carrying sports his wedding day want to wear them. They are a fun and original detail that looks great in photos. Everyone wants to show his personality and his sense of humor, and weddings are not so rigid and serious as before. Now seeks that they surprised, that they excite, and the bride and groom to adapt them to your tastes and interests. Just what you can do with the sports.