Never Say Never, Kendall Jenner Surrenders to The Worst Fashion of All Time According to Herself

Who has not tried again pants campaign? Who did not carry New Balance over and over again? ‘Never say never’ should be the phrase that will guide the fashion of all time. What today seems to be horrible or insignificant morning can become wonderful but there are some “it girl” who does not hesitate to say what appears to them to be more or less horrible. Kendall Jenner Debuts cover of Vogue September and with it a lot of interviews and videos in which says that the worst fashion of all time are the white sneakers! Does it forgive Kendall?

I know many girls who hate sports, they only use them for going to the gym and if they are brightly coloured and have something of grace, but I also know another immensity of them which they love to combine ‘sneakers’ with dresses sexy or sport clothes and you Kendall are one of them. I like you and your family, I do very much and I tremendously admire the work that you are doing in your field, but there has not been anything but mostly successful (always fondly K). You are the first who love shoes white, and to sample a button.

Your friend Gigi Hadid and you you’ve enhanced that roll of ‘ fix casual ‘ that in our country so we like and of course the sneakers are there in a very forceful way. I understand that perhaps it seems the worst fashion of all time because you like to wear shoes and boots all the time, but the truth is that you’ve also fallen countless times. Dear Kendall with the easy it had been to say that the worst fashion of all time are excessively tight clothes carrying your sister Kim!