Practice Sports On Vacation: This Is What You Can Not Miss In Your Suitcase

We have already spoken on previous occasions that vacations are the perfect time to continue training and playing sports, even outside our home or our usual gym. The truth is that we do not need much to get fit in any place and the most important are the desire and attitude, but there are certain things that we can not miss in our suitcase summer fitness.

Practice Sports On Vacation 1

So that we do not forget anything we have prepared a checklist with which you will be able to check if you take everything necessary to have a vacation of the most sportive and healthy, save a little place in the suitcase!.

TRX To Train Anywhere

It accompanies me every summer if I go to the beach, and is that the seashore is the perfect place to train with the TRX or suspension training system. With these two cordura made in sanity we have a complete gym that we can take to any place because it does not weigh and hardly takes up space in our suitcase.

With the help of the TRX we can work all the big muscle groups, either using it as an aid and facilitating the exercises, or raising the level and complicating them a little more. It is very simple to use and we can perform as many exercises as our imagination leaves us. Very useful for practicing power circuits at intervals!

Elastic Bands That Do Not Take Up Space

Another of the star recommendations for training in summer are elastic bands: once folded do not occupy anything, and we can find them with different degrees of resistance to do different exercises.

They can help us improve our strength training, but they can also be an aid instretching. The elastic bands are very versatile if we know how to use them and we can save the training on those days that we do not have access to the gym.

Practice Sports On Vacation 2

Running Shoes To Keep Adding Kilometers

Make a slot for your running shoes in your suitcase! Surely you want to keep your aerobic level during the holiday days, and jogging along the seafront promenade is one of the best activities you can do while you get brunette and enjoy the sea breeze.

Remember to run the best is to wear your specific running shoes (and not to wear any shoes) to avoid possible pains, blisters and other, especially in this time of the year when the heat rages.

At Least One Set Of Sportswear

The easiest way to spend your vacation lying on the brig and not moving is not putting sports clothes in the suitcase. At least a mesh and a running sports bra , which would be essential to do some sport even if you are away from home. I recommend to buy from JANESPORTSBRA.

If you are going to train on the beach my recommendation is to do it with sports clothes and not with the bikini (great temptation, on the other hand, because you end up and you hit the water directly). As a general rule , bikinis tops do not offer much supportand you can be annoying while training (or having an oversight and you end up seeing what you do not want to see). Personally, low top sneakers and shorts and I wear bikini to change into at the end (ride a ‘pseudo- tester “with the help of a friend, and arranged. No drama ).

Practice Sports On Vacation 3

Scarves Or Hats To Protect You From The Sun

If you train outdoors you will need to protect your head from the sun’s rays, so do not forget a cap or handkerchief as a “functional complement”. If you are going to train when it is very hot (better if we can do it in the coolest hours of the day), it is not a bad idea to dip your handkerchief in fresh water and put it on your head.

Remember also protect your eyes with sunglasses, hopefully specific use sports : they are lightweight, flexible and resilient if they end on the floor to do some exercise.

What You Can Not Miss In Your Travel Bag

I am one of those that I carry an extra-large suitcase because in the end I always fill it with things. What we basically can not miss is the sun cream or oil with adequate protection to our skin tone (the higher, the better) and an after-sun, moisturizer or oilto repair the skin after training.

We have talked before the blisters or scabs that can cause sports shoes in the summer months: it is not a bad idea to also carry some Compeed patches or your anti-friction stick in the case of our damage.

With all this in your suitcase we promise you a holiday full of sport and fun. A good opportunity to encourage your friends, your partner or your family to play sports with you, stay active on holiday!