Radically Vintage: New Colors for The Puma Easy Rider

The new edition of the Easy Rider Vintage of PUMA It marks the relaach of a great classic of the Decade of the 1970s.
Although ideal for use with a pair of jeans. It is one of the slippers of retro-raning most iconic old school ra free through the streets of the big city.

This reissue retro/vintage It stands very stylized on the original sole padded, and it provides details that put a special emphasis on vintage style, but its main feature is chromatic. A bet that serves to endorse evidence: Returns the brightness in the colors.

They come in a successful contrast of a single main color with the sole black and white on the midsole and the PUMA formstrip, the classic irregular Strip – thinner in the heel area and thicker when you arrive to the toe – raning diagonally along the sides of the shoes.

Uppers of nylon with suede coats. Midsole rubber EVA for extra cushioning and comfort. Suspended support technology of the Easy Rider It will make the impact of your footsteps minimum. Outsole embossed with rubber blocks non-slip for excellent grip.

Now on sale in the best distributors of PUMA and on the website of the German firm. We are waiting for (morning always is late) in three new colors very special (a Purple grape, a Blue harbor and a Yellow Gold) which condense the strength of the proposal itself.