Shoe Munich Vent 2016-17: The Capital Letter X Modern Dress by Feet

The excellent signing of the X on the sides of the upper does not require of many presentations. So we will focus on one of their light and minimalist proposals in 2016, which now come in more typical winter versions. We refer to the shoe Munich Vent.

It’s an innovative model whose wide range of finishes is translated in very elegant combinations Classic colors and other cutting-edge options in certain versions of skins and special fabrics both own prints.

We are left with two colour versions that illustrate this post. The model in Blue It is made with Navy suede combined with woven nylon with a small marine relief cross. It incorporates a phylon outsole White with splashes in grey, and black rubber inserts.

This model of aspect more winter is has made in its entirety in synthetic rodrigo Brown combined with Brown borges. Also includes a blank phylon sole with grey splash and rubber inserts crepe. I invite you to see all Vent collection in stores Munich and/or in the best distributors of the firm.