Sports Crafts of Puma, in Collaboration with Dee & Ricky Jackson

The firm PUMA He has presented a capsule collection in collaboration with the great designers of Staten Island, Dee and Ricky Jackson. Two twin brothers who managed to succeed in the world of fashion thanks to their brooches made out of Legos.

Seal Dee & Ricky revolves around the innate skills of two siblings to play with a singular artistic vision of homemade crafts. The result of the collaboration are fabulous sneakers available in patent leather and a texture of velcro.

Green, blue and yellow colors as shades bases with a reinterpretation of craft of the legend “PUMA” on their sides. In addition, they incorporate a great combination of colors in its lining inside. Any of the models of shoes in the collection are truly attractive. We chose low versions in color green/white.

Apart from shoes New York twins collaboration extends to clothing and accessories sports that follow the same line as the sport. The collection PUMA by Dee & Ricky goes on sale next Tuesday (March 1, 2016).