Sweeping! Thus The Pompeii, Come The Latest Sneakers

Stay with this name: Pompeii. They are fashion sneakers, the revelation of the season, the designs that are petando it on social networks. What began as a game, has become a success resulting in 15,000 sold shoes and a volume of turnover of 560,000 euros in less than a year.

In front of this four entrepreneurs are young brand: Jaime, Cosme, Jorge and Nacho, whose objective is to connect with ‘millennials’ (for those who do not know the term, they are young people who came to his adult life with the turn of the century), and are getting it, mainly thanks to the Social networks, with more than 46 k on Instagram and more than 28,000 followers on Facebook. In addition, they tend to go for special actions, not mere drawings. For example, the defective shoes are submitted by an NGO that supporters choose via Facebook.

‘Bubbles’ so call them their creators, they are made on canvas in summer and suede in winter. Their designs are eye-catching, with platform and combine different colours in contrast with the sole. The names of the different models correspond to different figures of planes of origami, symbol of the firm. The slippers ‘Highby’ is your ironic model and also the best-selling. Its founders defined the brand as follows: “Pompeii are people connecting with people. Our slippers are a means to approach and understand our Millennials. That is our success”.

Where to buy them? Nothing else on your website. Its founders control absolutely everything, from design to sale. The future of Pompeii is in its international expansion and a collection of clothes.