The Hummel Marathona. Conceived in The 80 to Run Marathons

Strong German roots and bright present Danish. Hummel (always in lowercase) is a multinational company, manufacturer of clothing and footwear, whose headquarters is located in Århus, Denmark. Although the company was founded in 1923 by the Messmer in the city of Hamburg, Germany family.

With its legendary and characteristic gallons on the sides of each and every one of their attractive sports. The Marathona
It is a good reflection of a current style which is inspired in a model designed in the 80s to run marathons and returns to vibrate with the colors of the street.

With subtle nuances of formal and chromatic proposals. There are several models of the Marathona by which we can opt to fit in style and trend our feet. The Evo can be a good choice. Available in four colour combinations.

Made of mesh, suede and leather-appointed, offer an advanced breathability and a decisive resistance. I love them, but my favorite, I will confess, are those that have served to honor the charismatic team from Hamburg, the FC St. Pauli.