The Monochrome of Prada: That Obscure Object of Desire

They are already many years after a Publisher as a Jezebel man to know what and which will not be the possible candidates to become season must, supported by a compulsive purchase street-stylers and adhere to no particular stylistic standards. As a result of random and there is more than talk.

And although is is of a phenomenon much more common in the world of the fashion women that in the of it male, here also happens occasionally with garments very concrete. And the new version of the monochrome of Prada have all the earmarks of becoming one of them.

What do they have special? So that it combines three of the major trends that dominated the runways Fall-winter 2014 / 2015: the sporty look, that combined with other registries, the silhouettes of austere and formal as it happened with many designers of the haute-coture and the return of the sneakers as a pledge star in the outfits regardless of the style that we are handling. And Prada, he sinned to present a parade of dull, boring, without grace and with few clothes with substance… can it be saved thanks to the footwear.

The monochrome of Prada conform perfectly to the definition and, betting on a very smooth chromatic range which only the burgundy and the electric blue they escape to the rule, gets a style minimalist relying on a strong geometry lines and gives you a shoe of infinite possibilities: formal looks, more urban, classic, futuristic records… the contrast is guaranteed.