The Sneaker More Demure Designer Philipp Plein

The sophistication of the German designer Philipp Plein It follows a rebellious air that helps oxygenate the world of fashion with a quirky, free and Metalhead style. A style that fascinates us for years.

Today we ceñiremos us to a more modest proposal of its rich range of footwear including the fabulous versions “crystal” of his high-top adorned with precious gems. Very popular among the stars of the ball- Messi He chose the blue – and other celebrities think ahead.

But here and now we opted for a model of sneaker we can fit – every day and at all hours, without undermining the groundbreaking essence and a plein fashion. We refer to the Optical slippers in calfskin and patent leather.

Available in various colour combinations. We decided for the necessities combination of yellow and black. With lace-up closure in the front, round toe, stitching details, plate with the logo in silver-tone and rubber sole. You can find them on the website of the firm.