Way of a Box to Practice CrossFit: 7.0 Nano Reebok Sneakers

You present the latest addition to our bag of the gym: it Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0. And it is that now that everyone is points to a box for practice CrossFit. It is time to put under the spotlights to the seventh generation of the most representative of Reebok for functional training shoe.

The Nano Reebok 7.0 is designed to provide athletes a maximum stability about the shoe, keeping the natural shape of the foot, and comes with a rubber outsole with slots that is flexed naturally giving you greater balance and stability.

Our new Crossfit sportsgear feature a design of cutting low for more mobility and freedom of movement. Additional heel buttress provides a great fit It provides you more security when lifting heavy weights. In addition, the technology NanoWeave the top allows the Nano 7 to be more comfortable, durable and breathable than ever.

The Nano 7 also includes a new toe Powerlunch with a Anatomic design to improve the basis and provides more power, adjustment and stability. The Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 It asserts in half a dozen fabulous colour versions. Some, like that illustrates this post really dream.