Y-3, Collection of Shoes Autumn/Winter 2008 / 2009

What was to be a simple exaltation of the new Y-3 for this autumn-winter, has become an analysis of the entire collection, since once is regarded one, the other is inevitable to not see them and just as happy as you were with the first couple. I’m not very dress or buy me sneakers, for dressing I prefer a nice shoe, but there are brands that I am convinced that.

One of them is Y-3, under the superb leadership of Yohji Yamamoto, Media force who has taken advantage of Adidas to increase your market and with it, their shoe sales.

Reasons are not missing, because the designs are second to none right now among the big brands (with the exception of the line from) John Maeda for Reebok with some Pearl) and consumers know it, so it does not matter we pay easily more than €200 (pulling low) by one of her slippers, since we ensure a unique and exclusive design.

For this autumn-winter, the Japanese designer launched 36 models under the brand Adidas, where you can see all kinds of trends and style. Each you have your own, so that there are so many, I have selected the most distinctive.

First, are the Hayworth II High-Top Sneaker, the model that led to this analysis. A perfect shoe in boot high and with a black finish that stands out very well with the rubber white, but not to be too thick. Its price is of $270, and it is also available in white and orange.

For the more Chic, a touch Silver and gold. Sole fine in black, shoes of the casualties, and the combination of both finishes. They will not pass unnoticed. It’s him model Honja Low and costs $250.

If always white sneakers they want to but as a colorful and distinct design above, this model is the most appropriate. Geometric figures in green or red, that it will have its perfect combination in a pair of jeans from the widths of this season. By 270 dollars casualties and 196 high.

Those of always before, the most stylized and avoiding the thick line of the run, also are revisited by the Japanese. In red, with the details in a Red passion more alive and thin sole white. It’s him model Boxing, for $147

On the other hand, if ours is more the leather, You can opt for the model Lancer in its two versions. The first, with a finish wrinkled and all white. Or the second, which is a grain leather. Here the price fires more, coming to the $400 and the $273,respectively, according to what we choose.

Finally, the other option if you want the Chic of the season, we have it in the Tenji models. There are two options, or boot high style formula 1 which will be very tight to the ankle and with a more raised toe; either low and darker. $343 If you prefer the first or $420 If on the other hand want low.

These are some of the best proposals of the brand for this autumn – winter, for all tastes and with an excellent design. Of the best at this time.