Boots Men’s: Get to Know All Types and How to Use

We use boots male for a long time. The story of the boot on the society in general, I did have impressions varied on many styles this type of footwear.

Boots Men’s Get to Know All Types and How to Use

The boots have evolved into much more than footwear utilities and today are compelling symbols. With so many options available, and the fashion ever faster, it gets tricky to choose a favourite. No one has the time to try all sorts so today we’re going to go through some of the main styles and the various ways in which you can use them in your visual.

In the text the past we’ve talked a little bit about how to use boot men according to the formality of the clothes to combine with more or less harmony. This time we will look with more calm every one of the styles and how they can be used.

You can combine the types of boots with the details of the first text in order to adapt the footwear to your wardrobe because there are variations of most casual or elegant inside of almost all of the options.

What are the main types of boots men’s?

The first separation that I was boots with laces and boots with no laces. Each mooring system (or lack of it) carries a message of formality different.

The second separation are the various styles of boots the male. Each one has its essence, but it’s the details that transform the look of the footwear.

To better understand how the details affect the boot, and how do you know if it is formal or casual, elegant or rustic, I would recommend this other text about how to use boot male.

Types of Mooring

The boots with laces tend to be more formal. On the wardrobe classic, there is a boot with laces that has the same elegance that a boot with laces can have. It must be because the comfort of can only stick your foot already is intrínsicamente casual.

Existem três principais tipos de amarração: “oxford/balmoral”, “derby/blutcher” e “lace to toe”. Primeiro vamos o que cada um deles significa na prática e depois falar dos principais estilos de botas masculinas com cadarço.

Ah, o que não vai faltar são fotos com muitas ideias para usar.

1. Botas Masculinas Oxford

In “the oxford”, the holes through which pass the laces are made directly on the body of the shoe or boot. The leather is practically a single surface that follows the shape of the foot. For this reason, this type of mooring is considered to be more elegant and more formal.

The idea of the design is that the boot or shoe to form continuous lines and closed. There are fewer boots like it on the market because mass production has a more difficult to serve different types of foot.

The models of the type “oxford” has this disadvantage: if your foot is too high or wide, at the time of tying, the part of the shoe under the laces will form a “V”. The two rows will not be parallel and this is an indication that the shoe is not for your foot.

If, on the contrary, your foot is low or relatively thin, the two rows of eyelets tend to overlap one over the other. In addition to being inelegant, the boot can be sliding on your foot and you maxucar while walking. Not good to pull the laces and tie very tight because it will not stay firm in place.

These problems do not exist when the boot has a greater degree of customization. Part of the formality of the “oxford” also comes from here, because it requires the most customization. The shoe industry must take into consideration not only the compliance of the foot, but also your height.

2. Boots Men’s Derby

The difference between an “oxford” and “derby” is just one. In the “derby” the holes where the laces are on a tab of leather sewn over the leather of the boot.
The problem of the “oxford” is not the case with the “derby,” because it adapts well to any height that the foot may have. It is for this reason that the boots with the laces of this type are more found.

The possibility of tightening or loosening the laces is also perfect for those who need firmness. Because of this, many work boots and military has mooring, and there are many styles of casual derivatives of these boots utilitarian.

This is certainly the most common type of boots, with the majority of the footwear manufacturers by producing their own version. Whether it be casual, given that it enables us to offer elegance to a greater portion of men, or be utilitarian because it offers firmness and amplitude adjustment.

3. Boots Lace To Toe

I would include the boots with this type of mooring inside of the boots gents derby but I chose to separate for then we discuss different styles within this segmentation.

The tie is made until the beginning of the fingers and hence the name: “lace to toe”. Is the tie more casual and as well, rustic, because the construction of this type of boot has principles rather utilities.

Rather finish on the instep of the foot, the flaps with eyelets extend almost up to the fingers (toes). Were boots heavily used in professions which needed quite firmly.

Boots thus tend to have extra details, such as the jump inclined (woodsman), and the bangs that jump below the laces. The work boots this type of mooring are heavy, strong, and firm. Right choice for those who enjoy a good boot.

4. Boots Men Without Laces

Some boots without laces are much more elegant than certain models with the laces, but in general they tend to be more casual.

The source of many boots so it is in the cavalry. For a long time, boots with the mooring were more decorative and therefore dressed in moments of leisure.

Usually high tops, boots without laces served to protect the legs and eliminavao the risk of the shoe getting stuck in the mount or in the moving parts. The pants used to be inside of the boots, holding the uniform in place.

With high pipe, low pipe, elastic, buckles or zippers, these boots, even when formal, you carry an air of fearless leaves rebelte up the costume more stylish.

We have the first part. Now you know the four main groups based on the mooring. Now let’s take a look at the major styles of boots men’s with photos to inspire ways to use.

Styles of boots male

The boots men’s with lace-up has the greatest variety.

Let’s start by them and go down to the boots without the laces, ok?

Dress Boots with mooring Oxford

I don’t know how to call the boots tie that remember shoes. We will combine the “dress boots”, beauty?

In this group, I put leather boots with silhouette longilínea, nozzle down and the soles thinner. With the barrel hidden by the pants they are identical to the shoes social.

The boots with the type of tie-oxford is the most formal. They combine best practices, and pants. Personally, I think this type of boot cool with suits and less formal, with some texture in the fabric. Also look best when the pants of the suit has hem Italian. Helps to balance the weight and improves the caímento on top of the barrel.

If you want more versatility in a “oxford”, some details may offset the formality inherent in the style, such as for example variations of colors and materials, soles, insulated, storm welts and shapes more round. Even so, it is difficult to make these boots more casual without going into the extremely retro or very modern.

Dress Boots with Tie-Derby

The dress boots with tie derby are less formal than their counterparts with laces closed. They are more versatile, and can serve to leave a custom more stripped down, a casual look more elegant and classic, and combinations rustic less literal. If you will not use the boot only with the suit it is better to take advantage of the versatility of this type of mooring.

The style easier to use is the cap toe derby, that is generally simple in design and presents little or no broguing. This design is not very different from those used by the soldiers of the armies of the british and american during the Second World War.

When you wear a suit, the boot is hidden with the same chance of a derby. The difference is that the barrel is apparent during movement. The style is utility, referring to when the suit does not serve just to stay inside an office.

They are also excellent for combinations casual classic when the shoes would be polished too, and some boots very heavy and rustic. I like wearing this type of boot with jeans and shirts social casual, with or without a blazer, or with pants social jacket descasado.

Another great way is to combine with pieces of workwear with trim well-adjusted. Depending on the details, also become legal with a simple basic t shirt. The low shape and refined helps to break the proposal is utilitarian, and it leaves the style more aligned.

Have some photos below that show this. Can take that guy “worker” as literal a boot worker would, bringing the style worker near a realide less “cosplay”.

Boots Brogue

The term “brogue”, and “oxford” are often mixed up but are the categories well different. As I said “oxford” respect the mooring. “Brogue” is simply those perforated decorative in the leather of the boots or shoes.

Nothing prevents, therefore, that a boot is at the same time of the type “brogue” and “oxford”(more formal) or “derby” (more casual).

The boots brogue are caracteriadas by perforations, decorative leather. Because the source of the “brogue”, which is linked to the work, it is a style of boot more casual.

What I want to say is that in environments that are conservative it is considered to be casual when combined with suits. Obviously, when the sidewalks with costumes of the day-to-day they have a mid air “gentleman”, for they were shoes which the aristocrats of the british wore in the field.

In colours brown is a footwear excellent for those who have a style that borders between the rustic and the what I call “british-hunt” (think of James Bond when going to cottages, with jackets Barbour waxed and jackets tweed).

They are very cool with the soles tratoradas well heavy, utilitarian, and that has everything to do with the tradition of these boots. These versions so I like to see combinations of a military or workwear not so obvious, mainly silhouettes loose and cuts wide. The weight of the boot balances out very well with this visual.

Bota Chukka

A mais versátil nesse espectro que ainda não ficou tão rústico é a bota chukka. Geralmente feitas de camurça ou de couro macio e encerado, as chukkas vêm em solas de couro ou solas de borracha. As versões com sola de crepe são conhecidas como desert boots e tem no máximo três ilhóses.

They are a classic for the weekend and make a good pair with the alfaitaria casual. Make sure that your pants are cut slightly shorter than usual so that the bar rest gently over the boots, rather than drown them in the folds of the fabric.

The nice thing about these boots is that they transform any look. Leave the suits to more casual, more comfortable. Leave the basic clothing a little more aligned. In the pictures below you will notice the issue of the materials and formats and how they affect the formality and harmony.

Work Boots and Service Boots

Now we enter in the boots totally rustic. The visual and the way you use it is good looking and so I’ve grouped together the two types of boot: work boots, retro and military boots retro.

At the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twenty first century the boots started to lose their space in the male wardrobe the social and were stronger in situations, and sports or work. For this reason, a large part of these boots has elements that make them perfect for our wardrobe modern, increasingly casual.

The “Service Boots” are the boots of yesteryear. Has the barrel lower and peaks less bulbosos of the board modern. I decided to separate it from the boots combat modern because they are much more simple than the current, much more aggressive.

The models of the boots of the second war, as the Boondockers, pass unnoticed for those who do not know. Let’s say that, with a work boot, that his jacket military vintage will not be so GI Joe as a coturno modern.

The Work Boots are usually boots inspired by the ancient footwear of work, made with thick leather and reinforced seams. Are different to work boots and modern of the combat boots today because in spite of the origins, manage to break the aesthetic literal and adapt very well to the casual.

Are the boots perfect to use with jeans, flannel shirts, leather jackets or jeans, in short: everything that has these same origins, utilitarian!

Boots Moc Toe

If you want a casual footwear comfortable and durable a boot boot male is the right option. One of the styles that are more versatile and comfortable is the one inspired by the work boots of old, such as the boot moc toe. The simplicity of the retro look of this boot is rustic and has masculine traits: strong, complementing with strength and power in any combination casual.

The style has that name because of the seam at the top of the beak, which resembles the construction of a moccasin. The purpose behind the design is to prevent water from entering from the side of the boot, at a time when there still existed membranes waterproofing. The foot of the hunter was safe unless he stayed a long time with the whole foot submerged.

The cool thing is that the sole white makes it almost a sneaker, right? At the time of use they work much like a work boot but in my head they pull more for the outdoors, work and sport outdoor, rather than the militarism and industrial work. By this, are also pretty cool with anoraks and parts of fishing/mountaineering/camping.

Boots Lace to Toe

The boots lace to toe are a classic of workwear, which have not had as much exposure, even in the peaks of the wave heritage, as well as other styles of boot. Are not boots so known as the Moc Toe. Few people have, but a lot of people should have!

The marks and lines casual also make you inspire in professions demanding to give an air of nostalgia to your products, baptizing the boots with names such as “Lineman”, “Roofer”, “Bridgeman”, “Logger” and “Hiker, always referencing activities that demand protection and security.

There are two variations on the main. In some models, the tab that holds the laces down to the outsole and the boot has a seam horizontally which usually makes a second layer of leather to reinforce the side. The second variation is when the flap does not go to the sole, and the boot has more curves.

Many boots lace to toe have shoe soles vibram and details retro as it jumps inclined (woodsman), the soles are thick to stand up to work, and the bangs removable which serves as the language of the double, to protect the foot from friction with the shoe laces.

You can use in the same way that a work boot or a moc toe, but in a style less common it automatically stops everything with an air even more vintage. Even when they are monochrome and have forms that are more tight, as the first and second photo below, are still quite retro.

Boots Men without laces

The boots without laces may be divided into boots with elastic, boots with buckles, boots with zipper and boots “pull on” (nothing).

I think a boot without laces makes it more stripped down. Just not having that tie to you already passes an air of carefree, you know? Just stick your foot in and out to the street.

It is clear that the rules of formalities also apply here. There are some that are super cool tailoring!

Chelsea Boots

An excellent middle ground is to be remembered Chelsea, and here we begin the transition to boots that are more casual.

This is more of a style that received the name of a location of England – this time in the affluent area of west London, which has gained enormous visibility during the social movements in the decades of 50 and 60.

The Chelsea is set by the elastic on the side. It is said that the own funds of the Queen Victoria created the design, which was favored by the monarch on long walks. After the Second World War, young people in London look forward to the change have seen their heroes use them on stage: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and many others have given the style a new connotation

She can be very elegant when it is more elongated, has leather and is well grounded at the foot. It can also be very casual if you have wide and leather oiled rubber-soled. The Chelsea is a versatile design that also works well with both tailoring and casual clothing. Everything will depend on the shape and the material.

This text here explains in more details about the different types of chelsea boots, from elegant to rustic.

The boots, Jodhpur Boots and Side Zip

I have put together these two boots, because in my opinion they end up exercising roles similar.

The boots Jodhpur also has inspiration equestrian, but unlike the elasticated Chelsea, Johdpur has an opening in the back that is closed by a strap with buckle. The upper of the boot is completely smooth, without anything that could mess up the mount.

The sidezips also remind chelsea boots. Some have high tops and other lower, but the design is marked by the closure with a zipper (typically in the inner part).

In both cases, the design is well clean and sharp. In Johdpur what calls our attention is the strap and buckle on the Side Zip is Zipper. The two details and the design make them one of the boots with more personality, with an air that varies between the cowboy and the european sophisticated.

Lately they have appeared a lot in the streetwear thanks to the SLP, where people wear with pants skinn, but also not break the lines of a suit, with proportions smaller and modern to match the style of the boot.

The sidezips with thin soles combimam perfectly with contemporary brands such as Robert Geller, Stephen Schneider, and Christpher Lemaire. Are well beautiful with a cafe racer Margiela in one of the photos below. The look is “dressy” but at the same time stripped.

Engineer Boot

The origin of the name is strange when we think about the profile of the engineer and modern. The explanation is that day-to-day professional of today is different from what it was when the boot was baptized.

The original meaning of the word “engineer” is someone who was drawing or building engines (engines), but it was also used to call people who were operating heavy equipment. Until today, it is common to call the conductor “railroad engineers” in the United States.

And that was why the Engineer Boot has emerged as one of the candidates for boots perfect among motorcyclists in the 1950s and for a time was elected the best boot for motorcycle riding.

The needs were the same that the engineers had on the railways: It does not have laces and props that could get caught in moving parts of the bike, protects the lower leg of the heat, and protects the biker in case of a fall. Break, have a visual transgressive and as well aggressive.

This is a boot that by design, has a formality low. In my opinion only serves for casual use.

Boots Westerne and Roper

I do not quite know the difference between the Roper Boots and Western Boots out there, but they are always divided on the websites of boots. I think that the Roper has the jump straight and tends to be lower, with the barrel a little wider. Already the Western, has heels style “woodsman”, the barrel taller and usually have decorations on the leather and the pipe.

These two boots are very cool. The high pipe leaves the pants (straight) with a trim very cool. I prefer the rounded toe cap, but I have in my closet with a narrow beak that is amazing. I like to seek inspiration in cowboy movies and also in a style half a Han Solo that is hard to explain.

A cobbler once told me that they “let the most high, estufam your chest, broaden the shoulder and fine-tune the waist”. I know that here in Brazil they have the stigma of the backcountry, but I recommend you buy one. You will be amazed!

Harness Boot

The Harness Boot has this name because of the leather handles and metal ring, reminiscent of a bridão. A handle crosses the top of the foot, a strap wraps around the ankle and the other two descend towards the sole. The four straps are held in place by two metal rings that are located on both sides of the ankle. The purpose of these details is purely decoration and style.

And so, this is a boot that exudes style. It is a visual “tough” to kick a lot of the tin and secure your foot. They are very popular to ride a motorcycle, but versions with slim shape are also very “rock n roll”. They were very popular in the last few years because of a model made by Saint Laurent.

The versions that are wider and heavy are kind of out of fashion. Do not appear a lot, but it is easy to use with clothes also duronas, such as black jeans, jeans, beat-up, or one of those canvas pants. The same clothes that you would use with a Engineer or a boot Cowboy, only more agresivo.

If the boot is wide as the one in the photo below, I recommend equal proportions in the pants: choose cuts straight to the very righteous. If it is a boot fine, such as Saint Laurent in the second picture, it is best to a pair of pants with the mouth well-adjusted.

Combat boots and Combat Boots – Military Boots

The development is fierce and the need of durable clothing and usable ensured that the Second World War this source a number of clothing well-designed, many of which are still used today by normal people, on a day-to-day.

The boots of combat were nothing comfortable and practical. To the extent that the uniforms have been getting more modern, adopting synthetic materials and utilities, the boots have also changed.

The boots started to be taller and incorporate new technology, more comfortable and safe. The style loses that air of “retro” of the military boots of outrotra and is getting heavier, more tactical. It was for this reason that separate these boots from the others.

As they are heavy, combine best with jeans and an overcoat or jacket equally robust. As they are relatively discrete, they are cool with t-shirts through beaten and pants detonated. A nice looking that has returned is to use with denim jeans clear, well 90s.

Finally, I also think it’s very cool to combine with other brands that make clothes with details, utilities, and technical fabrics. It is very futuristic… a Cyber Punk in the way that I imagine some persongens of certain books of William Gibson.

Boot Hiking – Hiking Retro

Hiking boots stylish, does not exist, but you will find many boots trail stylish. Many designer brands are investing in visual and old brands are releasing boots track with a retro look adapted to the day-to-day in the city.

The best thing about hiking boots is that, regardless of the style, they almost always retains some features: a grippy sole and comfortable, the waterproof material and the indestructibility.

Usually manufactured from leather more resistant. Tend to be waterproofed by membranes such as gore-tex and have languages the double, to help keep the feet dry.

The coolest way to combine it with other clothes inspired by the mountaineering. Think of that staff that climbed peaks in the decades of 20 and 30, or the class of the Patagonia Yosemite in the 60’s.

Another idea cool it is to replace coturno, and the boots worker for a boot of this. I think that it is more urban with jeans and a jacket military vintage. More Italian, less American, you know?

Finishing: quick Tips for buying boots male

These are the main styles of boots men’s. I hope that the photos and the tips to help you choose the right type for your identity.

Choosing a classic design that fits well in your clothes you will have a product that will use much, with comfort and confidence. You do not need to have many boots, since it only takes a few pairs of quality that you really like to be as well footwear for a long time

I recommend that you save to buy a boot as well made with exactly the design that you want. I guarantee that you will enjoy a lot more. There are brands that are considered the best brands of boots in the world, but you don’t need to buy something out of your budget. Just choose an option with a good cost benefit. Nesste guide I explained some points that differentiate a shoe of quality.

When you buy a the boot pay attention on the size. It is very common that a boot masculinha has numbering large. Most of the models that we use today were made up of shapes that are used for the manufacture of work boots. These boots were wide to accommodate insoles, thick socks, and the swelling of the foot during the long hours of toil.

Whenever possible, try before you buy. Not every shape suits any foot. If it is not possible to try, ask. Use the assistance channels from the online stores, search the forums, read reviews. If you know to make the right choice. You should never give up a good wear and comfort.

As I said, the goal of this text was to give an overview of the styles of boots for you to have a good idea of what options are and how you can use. I think at least one of those photos must be of a style that you like or would like to have.

Each type of boot has its own history and particularities, which would yield an exclusive article about each one. So tell me: On which boot you would like to know more? You look in the comments!