Cloned and Caught: The Day That UterquE Chose The Sneakers by Dior as Its Next Victim

After knowing that the designer Raf Simons left the post of Creative Director at the maison Dior, one started to think in their big hits in his reign. And one of the things that came to mind to me were their Haute Couture sneakers neoprene and full application. They caused a sensation and left no one indifferent: you loved them or detestabas them. And now Uterqüe reopen Pandora’s box.

the reason? The Spanish firm is inspired by the French to create a model of similar shoes where the neoprene is still present and applications come from the hand of rhinestones in XXl. In two different versions, each of them costs 99 euros. What do you think?

Are you going to fall into the temptation?