Freeman Plat Shoes, Snobbery Sneakers to Be Comfortable But Made a Dandy

Today I want to tell you about a shoe that have drawn me much attention. In reality, is a sort of hybrid, halfway between the famous and trendy sneakers and those loafers with tassels English style of life.

The Freeman Plat Shoes, as these shoes are called, they are manufactured by hand in Felgueiras (Portugal). A Quarter Jogger which are the best examples of finished products of a brand committed to transform the silhouettes of the traditional costumes to go to work with top-quality street clothes.

Manufactured with Mastrotto suede and napa with an EVA midsole with piping and a leather sole signed by Sousa & Fernandes, the reflective details in the heel and forefoot they add a sporty and functional in this model.

Adorned with dies and tassels of leather in the style of the English Brogues, the Freeman Plat Shoes carry cinnamon-coloured seams; and they are protected by a bag to preserve them from dust and the rods.

As they tend to give of themselves, it is recommended to buy half smaller number which is usually used, and put them with the help of a shoehorn so they do not become deformed. Price: 402,00 EUR.