Lace-Up Espadrilles, East of New Favorite Season

I which I fixed in all the small details of things. I stay seated and begin to observe the situations meticulously starting up every detail to keep it for me. And especially to do it in the World of fashion: I like to see what to bring, What begins to be trend and what begins to be passé. Therefore, today I show you a trend in shoes that looks more than ever: the lace-up espadrilles.

Nothing new or original, It is true, but the truth is that every time There are more firms that point to this fashion and they present us with their versions. Type swag or as a closed shoe, this shoe so all life is modernized with a small and simple detail. We saw it in the new collection spring-summer 2014 Chanel where were famous Sandals transformed into booty version.

  • With printed multicolored ethnic style of Tabitha Simmons, 227,50 EUR.
  • Flatbeds with openings of ASOs, 35,21 euro.
  • Abotinadas Black’s Bershka, 24.99 EUR.
  • Espadrilles laced in classic red with white stripes of Soludos, 66,19 euros.
  • Boots with floral print of F-Troupe, 105,63 euros.

Photos | Collage Vintage

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