ML1980 New Balance: Inspired by The Running, Made for Life

Inspired by running. Made for life. Thus the ML1980 model arises from New Balance. A shoe of thin and tight forms developed under an important collection of database biomechanical collected from runners, impact, pressure and transition of the foot when running.

These data are those who have driven to make the size, orientation and surface contour of the side walls of the midsole, and the pattern of their geometries. And if the running inspired by this attractive model of sneaker. The grey of the instep is inspired by classic gray sweatshirts of lifetime tissue. Hence the name of the collection: Sweatshirt.

The tissue that takes the upper is made with the Fantom Fit technology, which is based on the union of several very thin layers of textile material without applying or a single seam. A grey zone of the instep, which has been combined with four colors to choose: black, burgundy, navy blue and dark gray. The joint of the care upper bicolor are highlights on the white of a midsole made with the technology Fresh Foam.

Working architecture of the shoe with computer and through programs the emptying and filling of the different areas of the midsole is achieved control and differentiate areas of support and cushioning. The result is the softer midsole that it has never had New Balance.

While the sole of rubber (gumsole) sharpens the chromatic effect of the details of leather on the tongue and heel. Sold for €110,00 in official distributors of the signature in your city or province.