More Sneakers in The Area of The Modern: Adrian Acne Smiley Studios

Acne Studios, the exquisite Swedish firm founded by Jonny Johansson, carries twenty years at the top of fashion as one of the undeniable conceptual references of our time. His performances in Paris and its collective magazine Acne Paper will make each season in all an event.

Incorporating bold details that reveal his passion for the avant-garde movements. Acne Studios It has opted for the designs of pop influence art 2.0 incorporating emoticons (and emojis) garments and accessories.

The spirit of the most recurrent and universal emoticon jubilant joins a delicate proposal of sport-inspired footwear one of the most recognized firms of European modernity.

Available in two versions monochrome (black and white) only broken by the stroke of the characters that single out the elegant shoe of Calfskin with a rubber sole type basketball. Sold in the distributors of the firm and