Mule, The Star Shoe Of The Spring-Summer Season 2017

The Mule shoes, protagonists of the spring.

We are starting the spring and beginning also to see the trends that will govern fashion in terms of footwear this season.

One type of shoe that stands out especially is the Mule , term of French origin that is used to designate the shoe undone, that has all the ballots to be the star footwear of the season.

The history of this type of shoe goes back to the slippers that were used in the Ottoman Empire, the Eastern culture was influencing in the western societies and already in Century XVII was a footwear common in the West for both men and women. Its greatest influence occurred during the eighteenth century, the Mule  were used by the aristocracy but always to receive visitors indoors, never on the street.

During the 70’s this shoe resurfaces but in a timid way, although great icons like Marilyn Monroe used this type of shoe at this time.

We have to wait until the 90’s to see the Mule reappear , we can say that it was their golden age and we saw with them until Sarah Jessica Parker in the arch-known series Sex and the City.

Since then this type of footwear had remained dormant, until 2015, the year in which Gucci surprised in his parades with the Mule with hair. As a curiosity I tell you that same year the word Mule was one of the most searched on Google.

Since then the Mule have been gaining ground exponentially and 2017 is going to be their year. The Mules only have one condition and it is that they are undone, they can be closed in front or with the open toe (type Peep-toe) and you will find them with all the heels imaginable, even planes that are the legitimate heirs of the classic slippers.

I leave you a gallery with some of the Mule shoes at that we have available for this season of signatures like Guess, Chika 10, Vidorreta, Alpe or Kanna Shoes I hope you like them!