Salome Shoes: Vintage Style That Is Here To Stay

One of the most inspiring news from last season was around the retro style, that besides having all a special charm, brought very Classic old movies trends and special characters of 20 years. One of the very successful accessories of this new vintage style succession, were the shoes Salome.

Salome Shoes Vintage Style That Is Here To Stay

Shoes are very easy to identify, they come with a T-shaped Strip on top where the instep. Footwear has become a symbol for the sets of 20 years. In the old days women wore fringe dresses or with straight modeling, which is quite different from the current fashion, but some compositions also work with this classic style shoe.

For even better refresh the memory in time to remember those shoes, just remember the ballroom dancers of old, the model of shoe is very similar to that.

Tips Of Looks with The Salome Shoe 

This model of shoe is super feminine and delicate for those who enjoy the style, as the fashion of today is different from the sets of 20 years, combining these shoes with more adjusted to the body, give a nice contrast to the shoe, because it already has a romantic style, and that way you get a little more sexy, not to mention that values the legs.

If you want to leave the look more feminine, bet on floral parts to match the shoe. The fringe is also reference the early 20, so use without fear.

There are still a few shoe models come without jump, like a sneaker, but while taking the T on top, and with a multitude of colors.

On The Trend

Trends are always changing, and is exceeded so fast as a blink of an eye. Fortunately for our joy, they come back 1 hour or another. Trying to keep up with all the trends and product launches is a real crazy.

When you flip through a magazine, thousands of new products are advertised to leave with “mouth watering” and without a penny stuck mainly with shoes. Some trends that emerge with the style based on the footwear, appear almost always, is common, and are always the most purchased.

Usually initially assembled from styles of footwear, winter collections, some cases that we can cite are the shoes, oxfords, ankle boots, all shoes more closed and most chic that are most used in colder seasons, with half pants and other pieces of cold too.

Salome shoes allow a completely vintage style for those who like to travel back in time with different styles. T-strap, is well known because of the redesigned and the Toe Cap (toe or toe) that had models of shoes with rounded or tapered tips more.

This model also strongly reminiscent of those old shoes models that the ballroom dancers wore to cover the Hall with thousands of dance steps. Is a super comfortable also for work, besides being charming, you don’t lose the formality as it is completely classic.

Doll Shoes Style

A few years ago, back in 1995, this model of shoe had already returned, charm and femininity never go out of fashion, hence the reason for this style always be returning from time to time.

However there are a few other shoe models that also stand out by the style of shoe, doll and leaves us a bit confused on the purchase. For examples, the shoes Salome, are very confused with Mary Jane because for being alike, end up turning trend at the same time too.

The difference between these models is basically the COP who both lead at the top of the foot. The jump of the two shoes can vary across platforms, anabelas high, low, thick and thin, but the strap on the shoe Salome extends across the instep and ankle holds forming a T, and Mary Jane, the Strip is stuck on the sides of the shoe through the middle of the instep.

Other options are found on the market are the models Caminata, Schutz, who have several models more classic and traditional, well and some more modern and bold versions as the brand Miu Miu.


In addition to this shoe be in full evidence for the summer of 2013, many other inspirations of looks and parts also descend from the age of 20 years, which is already bet of several celebrities and fashionistas who are always keeping an eye on everything that is new.

There are several manufacturers that already are releasing shoes with the style of Salome, and shoes can be purchased for a lower price.

Comfortable Shoes

This footwear models is well recognized for being comfortable, provide greater security and stability when walking, due to your strip that serves to hold the instep and ankle is tied to maintain balance.

The difference between the shoes of 20 years and the most modern, is that once your heels were lower, while in the market today you find heels, as peep toe, scapins, and shoe strips Salome.

The heels leave the shoe even more feminine and it does sort design to make the look more classic and charming.Bet on the combination of this shoes with dresses or skirts of balloon model.

Now if you’re not a big fan of high heels, make your choice with low heel shoes, or the shoes that are also found with T-shaped strips on top. Are more comfortable and well-diversified quantity of models and colors.

Bet the combination of using these shoes more short dresses or short shorts, will leave the look very modern and is great option for use in summer. The variety of designs is great and are a more beautiful than the other, both in beauty and comfort.

Don’t waste time and lot already your look with a shoe model Salome, and enjoy the summer of chic and comfortable way.