Swash London and Puma: The Flight of The Art on Your Feet

Since winning the prestigious Hyeres Prize in 2004, the exquisite signature Swash London highlighted by the beauty of its prints, original and elegant creations, recreating new universes in which colors and unique characters with the other are in fantastic stories.

One of the last canvases on which they have worked has been a shoe of PUMA in that the overflowing magic of his illustrations has resulted. In this model, they have inspired the idea of a “great break” in a flying machine as the of those brave geniuses that mimicked the birds. There is nothing!

Such as Swash London has given a new look with (his) art to two of more classic silhouettes of the firm: Blaze of Glory and XT2, the first sneaker of PUMA that incorporated it technology Trinomic: cells of rubber transparent that collapsed and bashed for greater cushioning, stability and control of the movement.

The whimsical representation is reflected on a blue sky with details interspersed in Orange. A canvas in movement of shiny leather and breathable mesh on which the illustrations have profiling manually. For sale in selected points of sale, as Notenom, for a few €160,00.