The Pelle Tessuta of Ermenegildo Zegna or The Italian Know-How

Since many years ago, Ermenegildo Zegna investigates and makes testing at their looms to create more and more soft, light and fine fabrics. The last was a manufactured collection with woven leather. Yes, Yes, you have read correctly. In their workshops, of Trivero master craftsmen have been working with an extremely lightweight and pliable leather that gets selected the best layers.

Then cut this leather into thin strips of 1.6 mm wide and placed in a looms special in lieu of regular wool or cotton. These looms they are weaving this leather creating a plot which finally allows to obtain a real hybrid fabric halfway between the intrecciato of Tod’s and one jersey made of leather fabric that converts to Accessories manufactured with it in quite exclusive pieces.

This comprehensive collection that features travel bags, carrying documents, wallets, belts, moccasins, sneakers and even belts have called “Pelle Tessuta”. Do you like?