The Spirit of Meyba Wants to Go Live on Our Feet

Meyba, founded in the forties of the last century in Barcelona, became a popular brand offering bathing suits people who frequented the sunny beaches of the Barceloneta, but it was not until 1981 when Meyba became an international celebrity when dressing to FC Barcelona.

Mythical signature Meyba has found a way to preserve his soul, staying true to their sporting values. Today, the firm has managed to spread the spirit Meyba focusing its efforts on the design and manufacture of sneakers for people with style.

The proposal of Meyba to dress up our feet becomes in a magnificent collection of adjusted price and serene elegance inspired in the Mediterranean. Prevents excess and the essential basic colors are complemented by a choice of pastel shades.

It is you choose from the various models proposed. Server are decanted by a model’s mesh open. From €79.95 in the e-shop of the firm and Conti and + DConti, clothing stores for men and women in Barcelona (Rambla de Catalunya 78 and Avenida Diagonal 512).