What Do You Think of the Shoes of Louie? And of the Shoes of the Sergio’s?

What do you think of the shoes Louie?


What Do You Think of the Shoes of Louie And of the Shoes of the Sergio’s

And what do you think of the shoes of the Sergio’s?

If you already know these two brands, the sees in the same way? If you still don’t know, visit the sites and back here to leave your opinion.

And there? Different?

Well, what would you say if I spoke to you the shoes of the Sergio’s are handmade shoes, handmade by skilled craftsmen?

This is what they say the reputable sites opinion formers such as the Fashion For Men, in a review of a shoe, the Snacks, and many others.

Clicked on the links? If you linked to must have thought that I was crazy. After all, all these reviews are about shoes of Louie, and not the Sergio’s. No one is talking about the Sergio’s!

There is that is the x of the question. Today I noticed that the video showing the manufacturing process on the website of Louie is the same video that is on the site of the Sergio’s. Only changes the music.

Do not believe? Only play give:

How is a shoe Sergio’s

This other video is the Sergio’s. It shows that the shoes of the network, which has another position in the market, are made the same way:

Obs2: As the video of Louie has been removed I decided to include a print of the video of the Sergio’s to record at least one of them.

Will be that this is an incredible guild of craftsmen with the capacity to produce a huge amount of shoes to meet a huge franchise?

Notice that the work, fully manual, account with the help of green laser and arms bionic.

It is true that no shoe, even the more “manual” is done without the help of at least a sewing machine, but throughout this video appear numerous details that will show you how to automated and industrialized is that the production in relation to what is expected of a shoe hand made.

Yes, it is the same video

The truth is that a good edit, a song more cool and a advertising text well written make a lot of difference. The Sérgio’s uses the same video that Louie, with another soundtrack. This coincidence happened because the video actually belongs to the factory that produces the shoes for the two brands, the Radamès.

I would like to know what you think of the situation of these videos? Although selling shoes, the two brands are very different and have languages distinct.

What I see wrong with that

I like the website of Louie. I love the visual of the products and also the quality of the information in the texts. I’m going to talk to you… it is a shoe that is excellent, done by what appears to be a vendor first.

The design is beautiful and the mix has good taste. I have seen up close and the materials are good and the construction is reliable. Are shoes very good, maybe the best shoes made in the factory in Brazil.

In addition, I admire also the business model, which is super cool for us consumers. Deliver the product with a super price honest. Venture to say that perhaps, is the best cost / benefit ratio in Brazil. The Sergio’s you can even get a cheaper price in some cases, but does not have the benefit of the design.

I imagine that their intention was not to deceive, and that was a misunderstanding. After all, the shoes really are made that way. The two brands use the same supplier and so they may even share the same video.

What calls me attention is that the shoes, although involve manual processes, certainly can not be called hand-made, or handmade, or any other term that refers to a product artisan.

The entire production of the shoe has a what manual, it is impossible to escape. Even before the methods of construction industrial, such as the goodyear and the blaqueado, to be invented, the cobblers were already using sewing machines. However, it is clearly seen that the manual labor in these videos comes close to the minimum.

This made me think about the power of advertising. As she has the power to pick up a trend that is in fashion and fit in any reality to tell a story and convince the consumer.

If the product is legal, this story is really needed? What do you think… That it does matter to the consumer, or he just wants to listen to a “cool story” to convince you that the article is special?

I also thought about in the blogs, portals, etc, which pass the information forward. They are authorities in the subject, and you can not deny that has a lot of influence. Where they enter the story? What is the criteria? I think that does not do evil, but how can they learn more? P

Personally, I think everyone can contribute to a relationship of consumption more healthy and transparent.